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A wife has sent Her significant other to the beautiful Amazon Mistress Savannah for “re-education”. He is restrained in the metal stock for some anal training and She is already seen prepared, donning Her strap-on harness. She starts his slut discipline regiment with some tight CBT and anal probing. She finds he is very stimulated by the bondage and makes him suck cock while verbal slut training him the whole time. She moves to his tight hole and lubes him before She mounts his helpless ass. Penetrating him with Her cock Her nipples stiffen and She truly enjoys training Her slut. She scolds him and tells him he must service his wife and be the best slut possible.

Mistress Savannah continues to fuck his ass for a couple of minutes and then pulls out of his tight ass and makes him kiss and thank the cock She has fucked his helpless hole with. She makes sure his balls are tied up extra tight and hangs a weight from them and then returns with an inflatable butt plug to keep his tight hole filled. She spanks the back of his balls over and over as he groans and takes it for Her. To liven him up She applies the violet wand to the back of his balls and then resumes spanking them as his training continues.

The slut’s training continues with more ball spanking. Mistress Savannah yanks his bound balls back and paddles them good. With the blow up dildo filling his ass he struggles to maintain his composure as She encourages him to take as much punishment for Her as possible. She moves in front of him after She finishes beating his balls and make shim kiss the paddle and then worship Her high heels for a short time. His training continues as She bends him over and resumes fucking him up the ass, Her perfect natural breasts are firm and Her She leans in on Her black high heels to train him to love getting fucked by Her, his wife or any other woman they see fit to fuck his hole. She puts him to his back and makes him spread Her legs and take him. She notices his cock is drooling and has him put a rubber over it. She informs him he will be jerking his load into the condom and then consuming his jizz for Her amusement. He does exactly as ordered and his tasty treat is his own cum which ends this round of slut training by the therapist Mistress Savannah.

Stars: Mistress Savannah, Slave Squirrel Balls

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