Video: The Reel Sex World 2

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Wicked Pictures
Lost in Denver. The legend has begun. Wicked’s award winning horndogs are back, and ready for more. Oh, by the way, if you missed Part One of this blistering series, you’ve got some catching up to do. ‘Cause before you’ll be able to catch your breath, the twat-loving trio are off to Denver for a taste of the virgin local poon. Guess that mountain air does wonders for the sexdrive (can you imagine Leena with a hopped-up sexdrive?). Anyway, prepare yourself tor Reel Sex World 2. If Part One was a flame-Two’s a blowtorch.

Stars: Sharon Peters, Leena, Kitty Yung, Tami, Andrea Castille, Steven St. Croix, Jonathon Morgan

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