Video: Taboo Tales Volume 98

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Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 – Cousins Misty and Lisa had a reputation for being wild and promiscuous. When their parents go away on vacation, the pair is sent to stay with their uncle Frank, and their cousin Aaron. Immediately they scheme to spike the men’s drinks so they can fuck them. Frank’s becomes their first victim. His mind under the drink’s influence, he is tricked into a wild threesome with Misty and Lisa. Later they do the same thing with Aaron. These two women need to be watched!

Scene 2 – Cousins Kyle and Nicole arrive early at a mansion rented for a family get-together. The pass the time playing pool and decide to make it more interesting by having the loser remove an item of clothing and do a forfeit. Soon Nicole is naked thanks to her hustler cousin’s cue skills. When she loses another game, Kyle demands she performs a sexual favor. Nicole responds by nervously sucking his cock. That night she grows so horny from the memory of it that she sneaks into Kyle’s room to enjoy more of the same. Her young cousin give it to her – and plenty else besides.

Stars: Misty (ii), Nicole, Lisa, Kyle Chaos, Aaron, Frank Steele

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