Video: POV Cuckold Volume 31

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Your wicked stepdaughter Addie Juniper tells her girlfriend about her plans to seduce you and turn you into her cuckold little bitch and obedient sissy slave.

She’s masturbating on your bed when you walk in. Before you can leave, she’s on her knees and begging for your penis. You try to resist, but soon her lips are wrapped around your knob and your self control extinguishes.

As she gives you a sensual blowjob, she insists that she won’t allow her mom to have your cock anymore. She’s a greedy stepdaughter and refuses to share. You protest, but she starts slapping your cock until you agree.

Then you’re on the bed and she’s riding you with her hotter, wetter, tighter pussy. The ecstasy is unbearable. As you fuck, she tells you how much she loves your dick, all the while getting you to agree to her sinister demands.

Her first perverse demand: she wants you to wear pantyhose. She sits on your face and orders you to worship her pussy while she teases and sucks your cock. You lick her to an intense orgasm. But what’s your reward? She locks your dick in a chastity device!

Later, she returns from a date, her pussy gushing with a stick creampie. You’re disgusted at her order to eat it out of her, but she reminds you she has the key to the chastity. You reluctantly obey. She brings her boyfriend home and they fuck on your bed while you have to watch. She laughs at you and tells you how much bigger and better her boyfriend’s cock is than yours. She even suggests that she’s going to make you suck his big cock and balls like a good sissy bitch. He plows her in multiple positions, making her cum and filling her pussy with an unbelievable amount of cum.

Addie sits on your face and lets the hot mess drain out of her pussy and into your mouth. By now, she’s made you love the taste of another man’s sperm.

Stars: Addie Juniper, Johnny

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