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Olivia Adams is back for an incredible sixteenth movie. It’s no secret this sexy brunette self-filming woman literally gets off on getting off for the camera. Filming herself makes Olivia grool! You will not find a wetter, more orgasmic, pussy on the web. Period.

Olivia is seated in a chair covered with yellow gingham cloth. Her pussy is very closely cropped with just the faintest triangle of hair on her mound as she slowly and firmly finger massages. As she rubs, the clear pussy juice is literally flowing from her clit, down to her anus. Olivia likes to edge – she rubs her pussy just to the point of cumming, then she pauses the stimulation. She does this several times, then adjust the camera view with her remote control. Olivia settles on a view that allows us to see her breast and chest, but not her face. She touches her pussy, spreading her lips and “showing off” for the camera. She reaches for her purple dildo vibe, slowly inserting the big toy into her vagina. She strokes her pussy, letting the creamy wetness build, as she softly moans. With the toy inserted, she turns on the vibrations, then s l o w l y removes the dildo, placing the buzzing end on her clitoris. Externally, she strokes her pussy up and down with the toy. Her clear juices are now mixed with some creamy parts. Olivia hisses and softly says, “Yeah”. She gets close to cumming, lifting her bottom off the chair – her grool is everywhere! We see slight pre-orgasmic contractions, but she doesn’t want to cum, yet. She continues working the toy, softly moaning and gasping and generally enjoying the pleasure. She gets close, then pauses and gently fingers her pussy. She works the tip of the penis vibrator directly on the tip of her clitoris, gasping. She flicks the toy from side-to-side on her clitoris, then she pulls her hips upward saying, “Oh, yeah. Ahh. Ahhh. Ahhhh.” She’s so close! She strokes the toy down, then up, pulling back firmly on her mound. Her pussy is twitching. She separates her pussy lips with one hand while working the toy on the tip of her clitoris and the expletives and moans begin. Olivia says, “Yeah. Oh, yeah. Fuck, yeah.” Then, a moment or two later, “Oh, fuck. Oh, my god. Oh, yeah. Ahhhh.” as her pussy pulsates and contracts long and hard for this orgasm! She takes the toy off her clitoris, putting on the floor beside her and sits back to catch her breath. Her pussy is just covered in her girl juices.

Olivia is lying on her black with white polka dots covered bed. She is naked, except for a pair of grey and black panties. Olivia is earnestly finger rubbing her clitoris through her panties. She reaches for the camera remote control taking us in for a bit of a closer view. It’s at this point that we can see that Olivia’s pussy is hairy and the hairy bits are protruding from the sides of her panties. She moves the camera lens back to lift her legs up in the air, peeling off her wet, wet, wet panties. The inside of her panties clearly shows her stringy grool. With her panties removed, Olivia shows off all of that lovely pussy hair. She rubs her mound and rotates her hips. She reaches for the little silver lipstick vibe, moaning. She moves the camera in for a close-up view of her wet, wet, wet pussy. As she strokes the toy up and down – just barely in her slit – her juices flow. She places the tip of the vibe directly on the tip of her clitoris, moaning. She pulls back on her hairy mound, working the little vibe. With each stroke, her pussy contracts. She places the tip of the vibe on her clitoris, working it around and around in small, fast, circles. Olivia suddenly lets out a deep long moan, and then her pussy is cumming hard! It was almost like she didn’t mean to cum that soon, but once she got to that point she couldn’t stop it. And there is tons and tons of wet juicy grool with that hard, pussy pulsating orgasm.

Olivia is seated in a black leather chair watching porn on her computer. She is wearing a black top, but she is naked from the waist down. Her pussy is shaved on the sides, with a faint, close triangular crop on her mound. She begins with a slow finger massage and some spreading of her labia, and her girl juice is already running out of her pussy. She moves the camera in for a very close-up view of her pussy and then we can REALLY see the pool of grool beneath her, building up on the chair. She dips an index finger into her slit, slowly teasing the clear fluid out of her and smearing it on her clitoris. Olivia fires up her little silver lipstick vibe, flicking the tip of the toy across her clitoris and softly moaning. She moves the toy pretty quickly and with each ass cheek movement and anal pucker we can see that pool of wetness under her bottom. Olivia says, “Oh, yeah. Ahhhh.” She inserts the toy just a little bit into her vagina, lifting her bottom as she moves the toy back onto her clitoris. Slowly, slowly goes the toy around on her clitoris, and her anus puckers every time! She goes back to the more frantic vibing and then with a moan and one “Oh, yeah” her pussy is cumming hard again! She sits back to catch her breath and we get to catch all of the orgasm aftershocks! Olivia free-hands the camera in for an extreme close-up of that pool of grool in which she’s sitting!

Olivia is leaning against the headboard wearing a pair of tight black panties. She pulls her panties between her pussy lips, tugging and playing. The scene fades to a now naked, hairy pussy. Olivia has taken off her panties and is gently finger massaging her wet pussy. She pulls her juice up and out with her fingers, smearing it all over her clitoris. After that warm-up, we fade to see Olivia kneeling on the balls of her feet with the camera focused on her hairy pussy as she finger massages her clitoris. She pulls her stringy wetness out, and with her sitting up a bit, her clear grool is literally flowing out of her and down to the floor beneath her! Olivia continues to finger rub as we alter position one more time to Olivia seated on her ass, shifted slightly to her right side. She pulls back on her hairy mound for a frantic finger massage and hisses. She slaps her pussy, dips a finger in for more wetness, then goes back to the finger flicking. Little gasps and moans of pleasure begin to escape her. As she reaches for white egg shaped vibrator, we can very clearly see all of the grool on her clitoris. Olivia works the vibe on her clitoris, then places it very still and very firmly on the end of her clit. Her vocalizations increase to a series of “Oh, yeahs” as she cums with another really hard, pussy popping orgasm. She takes the toy away and recovers.

Olivia is leaning against the headboard of her bed, propped up on white pillows. Her long brunette hair is cascading down to her naked breasts and she’s not wearing a stitch of clothing. Her pussy only has that faint triangular patch of hair on her mound. She inserts her little silver vibe into her vagina, then fondles her breast with the other hand. She strokes the toy in and out, then pulls it in and out, using toy hands. Her clear girl juice is so copious that she can lift the little vibe into the air and the juices are still clinging to it. She starts to work the toy quickly back and forth over her clitoris. The natural wetness builds and her pussy starts to swell. She inserts the toy into her vagina, then finger rubs her clitoris. She pulls her labia wide open – her pussy is getting quite pink – then she licks all of her juices off of the vibe! Olivia scrunches her bottom into the bed, gyrating and rotating her hips. She then places the tip of the little vibe on her clitoris, lifting her bottom up and off the bed, spreading her thighs nice and wide and arching her back onto the headboard. She hisses as she plays with the toy. Sometimes she inserts it into her vagina. Other times she slowly works it on her pink knob. She lets out a couple of rhythmic moans and then a big, long series of huge pussy popping orgasm contractions take over. She is cumming and cumming and cumming. The bubbly grool clings to her anus as she rotates her hips and pelvis upward to catch her breath and recover.

Olivia is lying naked on green shirts. Her purple dildo vibe is waiting by her inner thigh. She’s not wearing any clothing at all and we can see all of her body up to her chest. Her pussy just has that little triangle of hair. She finger stretches her bits, playing slowly and the grool is building and clinging to her inner thigh. Olivia places the tip of her purple penis vibe straight down and onto the tip of her clitoris. The juice flows out. She rocks her hips slowly up and down and into the toy. She moves the toy slowly across the shaft of her clitoris, back towards her breasts. As she buzzes with the toy, her creamy and clear girl juice continues to build and pool. Her pussy gets more and more pink. She flicks her clitoris with the big penis toy, wiggling the toy from side to side as her labia swell and even more juices build. She pulls back on her mound, jiggling the toy and hissing. She reaches a hand around the back of her thigh, spreading and pulling those lips even further apart before slipping a finger into that really wet pussy. She taps – just gently – her clitoris with the tip of the vibe, then moves it across her clit. Her nipple is very perky in the background. She continues vibing and then leans upward, sliding back on the bed – OMG! The grool! Olivia rotates her hips, grinding into the toy. She squeezes her clitoris between two fingertips, then places the vibe back on her. We can see her pussy tightening with pre-orgasmic contractions. She lets out a huge gasp and sigh, saying, “Oh, yeah. Ah” as she cums and cums and cums. And incredible, hard, snapping, orgasm that just goes on and on. She slowly slides the toy off of her clitoris and she’s just wet and sweaty and damp with grool in every nook and cranny of her pussy.

Olivia is seated on a towel on a granite countertop in a hotel bathroom, totally naked. She does have her camera remote control handy. She starts out in a full body view (excluding her face) and then zooms the camera in just a bit closer. She also has her new favourite little silver vibe. She spreads her pussy lips wide open, showing off all of her pink, then moves the camera in just a bit closer and we can see all of that clear pussy juice pooling at the base of her vagina and slowly moving out of her, drip by drip. She continues to finger rub her pussy, spreading the juice up and out of her vagina and onto her clitoris. As she does this, the stimulation of flow really increases to her pussy and turns a little deeper shade of pink. Olivia fires up the vibe, gently work the very end of her clitoris with the tiny toy. Her hips rock and sway. She works it hard with the toy, oohing and aahing. Then she stops the stimulation, dips her finger inside and plays with her wetness. She lifts her leg to the wall, then starts working her clit with the toy. She presses and buzzes, stroking upward on her clit and her pussy twitches every time. She hisses and moans, “Oohh. Aah. Oh, yeah.” then a little deeper moan and she rocks out another incredibly hard, snapping orgasm whimpering, “fuck yeah”. The clear grool is stringing from her pussy down to a small puddle on the countertop beneath her bottom. She sits back recovering and we can see her perky nipples, too.

We are treated to a close up view of Olivia’s pussy seated on black sheets. She is already aroused as she slowly finger plays with herself, spreading her labia wide apart and showing off her vag. Even as she does this, we can see her girl juices building. And she knows it too. She grabs a bead of grool with her fingertip and smears it all over her clitoris. This time Olivia is using her clit pump. She attaches the flange to her clitoris, giving it a few good pumps, then removes the hose. Juicy. With the tube attached, she leans down into the camera to show off her elongated clit being sucked out into the clear plastic. She wiggles and jiggles the tube. She pulls back on her mound and the tube pops off! Whoops! She reattaches the tube for our benefit. She taps the clear tube, flicking her clit from side-to-side. And her grool is running out. As she clamps down with her pelvic floor muscles, kind of doing Keigels, her juice beads out of her pussy even more. Olivia fires up the purple dildo vibrator playing with that and the clit pump end. She turns off the vibe, then dips a finger into her vagina, making the clear fluid string and slide out. With the black background between her legs, the clear juice is very obvious. She re-attaches the pump end, removing the tube from now elongated clit. She rubs herself, then re-attaches the tube, sucking in her clitoris. When she removes the pump and lifts her legs, the grool is down her pussy to her anus and all over the black sheet beneath her. Dripping wet! Her clear juice is flowing everywhere. A lot of it. She uses both hands to spread her lips wide. Then she fires up that purple penis vibe and lets the stroking begin. The tube is still attached to her clitoris. She buries the toy deep into her pussy then pulls it out, then back in, then back out. All the while she is adjusting the camera to provide us with the best possible view of all of this self filmed action. She really works her pussy with the vibe and it is covered in creamy white pussy juice from tip to end. Olivia turns off the vibe, then jiggles the tube, then reattaches the hose and removes the clit pump. She turns the camera to a side angle, lifting her ass off the black sheet and we can see all of her clear pussy strings and juices just clinging to her and making contact with the black sheet. She works the vibe on her released-from-the-clit-pump clitoris, smearing juices and pussy goo everywhere. She takes aim, placing the tip of the penis vibe directly downward on her clitoris. She is moaning and gasping. Creamy wetness just doesn’t stop accumulating. She toys and stims, gyrating her hips around and thoroughly moaning in ecstasy with the toy. She pauses, then goes back at it with the vibe saying, “Oh, I’m going to cum”. With the toy downward she is moaning and saying, “Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh. Oh. Oh. Ah.” as she rocks out another incredible wet, gooey, bubbly, pussy popping, orgasm and it’s in very close up view. The camera stays in place for all of her nice aftershocks.

Stars: Olivia Adams

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