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Linn is sitting at the table using her laptop. Michael, a master at GBS, comes into the room. He wastes no time in telling her why he is there – she has only been a student there for two days and she is already in trouble. He accuses her of being late for class and she gives him an excuse that she overslept. Then, as if that is not bad enough, she did not do her English History homework. With a tremor in her voice she tells him she forgot to do it. Michael tells her she’s a naughty girl and naughty girls at GBS are punished. She has never been spanked before and he says it will be a new experience for her. Obediently she stands up when he tells her to do so.

Sitting on the chair that she had just vacated he orders her to get over his knee. Hesitantly she obeys and he starts hand spanking her on top of her uniform skirt. After six spanks he lifts her skirt away from her bottom and carries on spanking her on top of her white knickers. A few spanks later and he pulls her knickers down to her mid thigh. Now her sore red bottom is in full view. His hand makes contact with alternate cheeks, causing them to become more red and sore with each spank. He reminds her that she has been a naughty girl and tells her to tell him so over and over again while he continues to spank her. She starts telling him so like a mantra. When he believes she has had enough and has learned her lesson he tells her to stand up and kneel on the chair. Telling her to stay in that position – he leaves, promising to return shortly.

Ten minutes later he comes back. He’s brought with him a leather paddle. He explains to her that her previous punishment was for being late for class. Now he intends to deal with her for not doing her homework. She is instructed to lean over the back of the chair – elbows resting on the table and her bottom stuck out ready for the paddle. By the time he has hit her already sore bottom a further half dozen times she is begging him to stop. However, as he tells her – he’ll stop when he’s ready. Now as the final part of her punishment she is going to receive ten strokes of the paddle on her sore red bottom. By the time he has delivered the ten strokes her bottom is a bright red. She is to stay in position for thirty minutes – then she is to return to her class. He walks away, leaving her gingerly rubbing her poor sore bum.

Stars: Linn, Headmaster Michael

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