Mother-Daughter Lesbian Lessons 3Forbidden Fruits Films plays with taboos again in Mother-Daughter Lesbian Lessons 3.

Mature blonde Desi Dalton isn’t ready to be a GILF, so she asks her dog sitter, sexy tomboy Callie Calypso, to talk with her college-aged daughter about keeping her legs shut. When Callie says she’s a lesbian, Desi decides that’s even better. She wants Callie to seduce her daughter, but first she wants a demonstration. Callie inches her hand up Desi’s thigh and kisses her, then slowly unbuttons her shirt to reveal her perky breasts, which Desi kisses and fondles. Callie licks and sucks Desi’s firm tits with her pierced tongue. She kisses her way up Desi’s thigh and sips a cold drink to chill her tongue before swirling it around Desi’s engorged clit. Combining licking and suction with some twiddling of Desi’s nipple, Callie makes her cum hard. Callie eats Desi’s ass and then Desi repays the oral favors so well, Callie asks if she’s a lesbian.

Kiara Knight, Desi’s cute blonde daughter, comes home later to find Callie there doing the dog’s laundry (not a euphemism). Desi was supposed to pick Kiara up from the bus station but instead went shopping. Callie calmly endures Kiara’s anger, and charms her way into the girl’s pants by offering herself as a sexual outlet. She suggests that Kiara pretend she’s a boy, since it’s her first time. Kiara gets into it, lustily tasting Callie’s tits and vocally enjoying oral sex. Kiara is a natural pussy eater, judging by Callie’s loud vocals. Callie almost propels herself off the bed when Kiara starts fingering her asshole too. The girls spiral into a delirious whirlwind of more pussy eating and clit-to-clit grinding. It’s as wild and hungry as the real thing.

All-American Super MILF Jodi West is trying to befriend her new stepdaughter, bratty redhead Annabelle Lee. Annabelle snipes that she’s only the latest of her many stepmoms. Unfazed, Jodi observes that Annabelle and her friend Mary Jane (Johnson, whom we’ll see in the last scene) have the hots for each other and that Annabelle’s unhappiness is what leads her to break up her dad’s marriages. Jodi bonds with Annabelle by teaching her about lesbian sex so she can happily be with Mary Jane. Annabelle grinds her trimmed snatch against Jodi’s, and then it’s all about Jodi’s expert cunnilingus, which inspires Annabelle to go diving for pearls.

Fresh from her stepmom’s sexual tutoring, Annabelle goes for a girls’ weekend with Mary Jane, a hot brunette. Annabelle asks if Mary Jane does like her “that way” and the answer is yes. There’s not another moment to waste. Annabelle confidently kisses Mary Jane through her panties, then strips them off and slingshots them away. She goes down on Mary Jane, who then blows her mind with her gifted tongue and fingers. They hump each other and finish each other off in sixty-nine.

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Running Time:   96 minutes
Released:   02/2014
Studio Name:   Forbidden Fruits Films
Series:   Mother-Daughter Lesbian Lessons
Stars:   Annabelle Lee   Jodi West   Mary Jane Johnson   Kiara Knight   Callie Calypso   Desi Dalton
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Mature   Teen   All Sex   M.I.L.F.   All Girl   High Definition   Older / Younger

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