Video: Manipulating Men 1384 - La Femme Monica

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Red MILF Productions
Rachel is the boss of a secret intelligent agency dealing with national security. He latest task is to eliminate a man who has been leaking classified government information. His house is heavily guarded. Only his stepdaughter Monica leaves and enters the place on a regular basis. Pretending to be her new teacher, Rachel fixes to have one-on-one lessons with the young woman so she can subliminally train her to be her stepfather’s assassin. Later Monica absently-mindedly carries out her mission. She slips something to her stepfather and seduces him into fucking her with a condom poisoned on the inside. Monica destroys his computer containing the classified files. Rachel is thrilled with her success. Everything is set to look as though the man had a heart-attack while masturbating.

Stars: Rachel Steele, Monica Sexxxton, Jan Michaelson

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