Video: Late Again

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Headmaster Tom enters the office at GBS and realizes that he’s talking to himself. Marita, the school secretary, is not at her desk. This angers HM Tom as it’s the second time this week that she is late. When she does eventually arrive – knowing she’s late, she opens the door quietly and checks that no one is around. Confident that she has got away with it, she removes her shoes and tiptoes into the office and settles herself at her desk – looking for all the world as if she has been busy at work for some time.

However, HM Tom is one step ahead of her, having watched her grand entrance on his computer. Storming into her office, he orders her to stand facing the wall, reminding her of what he told her would happen if she is late again. Tucking her head under his arm, he soon has her hopping from one foot to the other as he gives her a hard hand spanking on top of her tight jeans. He then tells her to straighten her legs and bend down as far as she can. Her jeans clad bottom is taut and his hard hand bounces off it. She constantly comes out of position and he has to warn her that he is going to have to start the whole spanking again if she insists in standing up.

The punishment is not over. He uses a leather tawse on her already sore bottom, and then he tells her to pull down her jeans and knickers and get back into position. Despite her efforts to escape, she is left with a very red, sore striped bottom. Poor Marita, will she never learn?

Stars: Marita, Headmaster Tom

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