Video: Funny Signs

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Headmaster Tom is getting some ice from the fridge when he notices that the fridge door is sticky and dirty. He calls for Maggy and hands her a spray can of stainless steel cleaner and polisher. Pushing a roll of paper towels into her hand, he tells her to clean the fridge doors. Maggy obediently gets on with it. In order to amuse herself, she sprays pictures then starts wiping them away – then the phone rings. Maggy answers it and then wanders off to have a chat – leaving the funny pictures for anyone to see.

Meanwhile, HM Tom returns to the kitchen to see how Maggy is getting on, but there is no Maggy, just a fridge with pictures sprayed on it. He’s not amused and calls for Maggy to rejoin him in the kitchen. As she can’t give him a reasonable excuse why she hasn’t finished polishing the fridge doors, punishing her is a must. She bends over the kitchen table and lifts her skirt – he starts reddening her plump bottom with a large leather paddle. A few minutes later, she has a very sore bum. He tells her to take off all her clothes, including her shoes. Now she is to polish and polish and polish the fridge doors for a full two hours, so that it is streak free and shining like a mirror.

Stars: Maggy, Headmaster Tom

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