Video: For Your Eyes Only

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Jewell Marceau
Jewell Marceau isn’t a man eater, but a man pleaser…which she proves in a very convincing way! She receives a special delivery in the mail from her lover. When she opens the box she discovers a variety of kinky delights including handcuffs, chains, collars, sex toys, and sexy clothing, plus a note with instructions. She wastes no time pleasuring herself because she knows it pleaser her lover (you) as you watch her open your sexy gift and try out her new toys out on the webcam! She knows that you are stroking your shaft as you watch her dress herself and then proceed to lock herself in bondage. She then uses the vibrator to masturbate for her lover (you) who is watching only to learn that he did not provide the keys for her to unlock herself! Her lover watches on the webcam while Jewell orgasms over and over and then discovers that she is permanently stuck until someone rescues her!

Stars: Jewell Marceau

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