Video: Toy Stories

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Sex toys are often brought into relationships to spice things up. Sometimes they’re an obsession and are constantly being replaced with newer, more exciting and bigger models. Whatever the reason we can’t deny that they certainly make things interesting. Myself (JP Dubois) and Sam Barclay talk us through these Toy Stories.
Some are fantasies of theirs and some are real experiences they’ve had, recreated for the cameras by the hottest jock boys out there. The first takes place in the kitchen called “A Solid Serving” starring Marco Sessions & Kingsley Rippon. Then “Toy & A Boy” with Kayden Gray & Dave Circus. Outdoor scene called “Toys Don’t Tyre” starring Darius Ferdynand & Jonny Kindom. Then a hot sauna scene with Darius Ferdynand & Jake Kelvin called “Tooled Up”.

Stars: Marco Sessions, Jonny Kingdom, Darius Ferdynand , Kayden Gray, Dave Circus, Kingsley Rippon, Jake Kelvin

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