Video: The Magic Words Are: Pole Dancing - Lee Well

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Derby-boy Lee Well works for an entertainment agency and, to be honest, we were sold the moment we heard the words, “pole dancing.” 😉 Lee gives a brief interview, telling many things. At first he tries to tell us he’s straight, but really, he’s known he has been gay since his teen years! He also hints that he’s a versatile lay. He says he prefers to top, but that he might bottom when the mood strikes him. Like most lads we talk to, he loves to give it doggy-style, but if he’s going to take it, he prefers to be on his back with his legs up! While telling us about a four hour anonymous fuck session on New Year’s Eve, Lee gets himself worked up and before you know it…Lee ditches his clothes and starts on a wank. He plays with his hole a bit before getting to his feet when he’s ready to cum. And what a cumshot, Lee’s huge load erupts in an impressive, forked stream!

Stars: Lee Well

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