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Men Of Odyssey
Winner of the 2000 GAYVN Award for Best Sex Scene. <br/
In this world where almost any fantasy can be realized, where do you go to find the next level of pleasure? Technical Ecstasy, that’s where. Using science and computers to create a new reality. Technical Ecstasy caters to those who seek new erotic frontiers. When young hunk Deno checks out the lab he discovers that the possibilities are endless as he morphs into everything from a macho Marine to a buff black dude. As his fantasies soon become more satisfying than real life he leaves his lover Joey behind as he takes the ultimate sex trip-only to discover that there’s a fine line between an erotic dream and sexual nightmare. Technical Ecstasy is a lavish, hi-tech fantasy movie that will satisfy your every desire…and then some.

Stars: Brett Ford, Jason Rose, Derek Cameron, Joe Romero, Rob Kirk, Sam Crockett, Tony Donovan, Marc Hamilton, Jon Eric, Dean O’Connor, Chad Kennedy, Dennis Lincoln, Sandy Sloan

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