Video: Stars On My Table

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Jake Cruise Media
When you have four hot models like Topher, Jeremy, Angelo and Noah it’s no wonder Jake is eager to give one of his special massages! Topher DiMaggio has the body and face of a Roman statue. While Jake oils him down and cruises that chiseled body with his slick fingers; he can’t help but to put his eager mouth on that throbbing shaft! Jeremy Stevens is the man with the perfect body and Jake shows his appreciation by stroking and licking his cock and asshole until he explodes. Angelo is absolutely huge at 6’4” and his muscles are RIPPED! The huge doesn’t end with height; his cock is massively thick and long! But it’s his blue bedroom eyes and soft plump lips that make me sigh. When Noah Greene lays face-down on my massage table, there is one thing that immediately stands out – his bubble butt. Noah enjoys all of the attention I give him. In fact, Noah rewards me with a huge cumshot which I lap up. Yum!

Stars: Angelo, Jake Cruise, Topher DiMaggio, Jeremy Stevens, Noah Greene

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