Video: ShowGuys Volume 563: Jonathan Blue & Jason

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ShowGuys Video
Jonathan Blue is back and he brings new cummer, Jason. Jonathan takes out Jason’s big dick bulging from his shorts, and proceeds to swallow it. Then Jason sits on the bed, gets Jonathan naked and proves he’s a good cock sucker. They stand up and show off their dicks and then Jonathan gets back to deep throating Jason. Jonathan straddles Jason, and gets his balls licked, then pulls Jason’s legs up and the two 69. Jason gets on his hands and knees and Jonathan shoves his tongue in his hot hole. Now Jason shows off Jonathan’s butt and starts rimming. Jonathan lies down, puts on a condom and sits on him with his back to the camera. Then Jason turns around, and then they roll and spoon. Finally they lie beside each other and jerk off.

Stars: Jason, Jonathan Blue

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