Video: Jet Set Direct Take Three

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Jet Set Men
From the press notes, courtesy of Jet Set Productions:
‘Untitled.’ Set on the sound stage of a gay adult photo shoot, model Gabriel Sinclair is posing naked for photographer Rocket and jacking off for his camera. The other models Justin Gemini and Ricky are prepping in the dressing room and comparing dick sizes. They both claim to be ‘straight’ but eagerly check out each other’s equipment. Back on stage, the photographer starts to shoot the super-hung Justin with Gabriel going down on him to help him get hard. Justin is enjoying the hot blow job and doesn’t want it to stop.

Ricky is just an observer, but a very interested one. Justin just gets bigger and bigger. Suddenly they drop to the floor where Gabriel licks and eats Justin’s ass. A major ‘love tunnel’ opens up between Justin’s butt cheeks, and Ricky can’t take his ‘straight’ eyes off it. Gabriel goes back to Justin’s impressive dick as they all try to pose for the stills. But who can stop long enough? Justin is hot and fucks Gabriel for all he’s worth, his cock getting longer and thicker with every thrust. The still photography, some of which flashes on screen during the video, just keeps going. Gabriel finally takes matters into his own hands and cums all over himself. And then, Justin stands beside him and cums. The photo shoot and the models are all finished, and everyone’s happy. Ultimately, they all got just what they wanted!

‘Going Deep.’ A couple of jocks friends, Shane Collins and Tyler Stuart, are tossing a football back and forth in an alley. Discussing an upcoming game, Shane tells his friend Tyler that he would be best as a ‘tight end or a wide receiver’. (Unbeknownst to him, he’ll soon be both.) Off they go to the showers of a nearby gym, where they wash off the sweat and start to get intimate with one another. Shane caresses Tyler from behind and reveals a massive hard-on. Derek Cruz, on the other side of the shower room, is watching their action and getting hard. He fondles his own muscular body and dick and slowly jacks off. It’s that or get out. Shane is working his incredible cock, getting harder and harder. Then Tyler slips behind Shane and massages his friend.

They are both unaware of Derek who now spews a fountain of cum and quickly disappears. Shane and Tyler move to a convenient cot and continue their lovemaking. Tyler heads right for Shane’s big cock to choke down on it. It appears to be so thick and long that, taking it in any way, is a major challenge. Shane finally grabs his monster-meat in hand and shoves it up Tyler’s ass, with Tyler at first on his back, then on his side and finally doggie style. Tyler loves it, but he gasps, ‘It’s so huge! It’s so deep! Oh my God!’ Shane finally cums all over Tyler’s ass. Then Tyler, cradled in Shane’s arms and pulled tight against his body, jacks off and cums. ‘Tight end and wide receiver’ indeed.

‘Foreign Exchange.’ A tourist from Spain, ruggedly handsome Anthony Martinez, accidentally bumps into local hottie Park Wiley on the street. He tells Park that he’s checking out the local sites of interest. Neither one is fluent in the other’s language, but the idea of sex they both understand. The site of most interest to both of them seems to be Park’s bedroom, which is first on the list. Immediately, they are kneeling naked and passionately kissing on the bed. Anthony is really well and thickly hung, and Park goes immediately as far down on it as he can get. Anthony is a very experienced sex partner, and he and Park make a passionate team. Anthony flips Park around to lunch on his ass. A finger goes in, a tongue, some spit. More kissing, licking and sucking, balls, dicks, everything.

Finally Park sits down on Anthony and enthusiastically rides him like a bronco, higher and higher, harder and harder. Anthony drives his pinga home like it’s a pile driver, and Park takes it like a man, a happy and excited man. With one leg in the air, Park takes an incredible final pounding and spews cum all over his torso. Anthony then jacks off and adds to the pool of jizz forming on Park’s stomach. The video ends with Anthony saying ‘something’ to him in Spanish. One could only hope he was asking him for a quick rematch.

‘The Cable Guy.’ The final segment opens with the beautiful (no other word comes to mind) Clint Peak, smoothly and muscularly naked except for a towel, sprawled out alone on the couch in his apartment and watching porn on TV. On screen, the hot model Taylor Eastwood is also naked, lying on a bed and taunting the viewer with his seductive face, body and erect dick. Suddenly the TV goes black! Hunky cable guy Travis Carlson appears at the door and announces that it’s been cut off due to lack of payment. Clint promises to pay, and even throws in an extra $50 for Travis, if he will just fix it. Travis turns the cable back on, sees the action raging on the TV, and then immediately turns his attentions to turning his customer on. Within seconds, his tool belt and clothes are off, and they are both naked.

Travis gives Clint a long blow job and Clint eagerly reciprocates. Meanwhile on TV, Taylor is writhing, playing with his ass and jacking off. Occasionally, he looks as though he might come off the screen and leap into the action.Travis gets Clint into a doggie position on the couch to pound his ass. Finally, they both turn over and finish themselves off, shooting cum over their bodies. Taylor joins them to cum on the tube. Travis gets up to leave and gives the exhausted Clint a wad off bills. He tells Clint he’ll need them for when he comes to cut the cable off again tomorrow!’

Stars: Shane Collins, Gabriel Sinclair, Anthony Martinez, Justin Gemini, Brad Austin, Tyler Stuart, Derek Cruz , Ricky Powers, Taylor Eastwood , Clint Peak , Park Wiley, Travis Carlson

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