Video: Hose 'Em Down

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Video 10
Director Marc Fredrics has had a string of hits under his two video lines with Video 10, and HOSE ‘EM DOWN definitely follows in the tradition. Blade Thompson shaves his balls in the shower and remembers how Brick Stanton and Ricki Drake broke up after having passionate sex in bed one night. Blade gets so horny that he jacks off while watching a video called HOSE ‘EM DOWN where Alec Powers tops Eric York on a couch in the first scene. The next scene has Brick Stanton topping Ricki Drake on a kitchen island, and finally, Blade imagines himself in a three way with Brick Stanton and Billy Rodgers where Blade tops Brick while Brick tops Billy, then Blade tops Billy while Brick rims Blade.

Stars: Blade Thompson, Brick Stanton, Rob Banks, Scott Wilder, Rick Drake, Alec Powers, Chaz Carlton, Eric York

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