Courtesy:   On a deranged supernatural drama that features Jessica Lange as a German chanteuse amputee belting classic Bowie, Sarah Paulson as conjoined twins, Angela Bassett sporting three breasts, the world’s smallest woman and the most terrifying clown known to man, it must be tough to hold your own. So it’s a testament to Finn Wittrock’s undeniable talent and immense charisma that he not only steals scenes on American Horror Story: Freak Show, but has emerged as a stand-out among its illustrious cast. As Dandy Mott, the Sebastian Venable-esque bratty rich boy with a mind for murder, Wittrock certainly knows how to make a bloody impression. Besides, any actor who can evoke sympathy for his character after slaying Matt Bomer and Patti Labelle is definitely on the fast track to stardom. Below are some facts you might not already know about the devilishly handsome 30-year-old actor. Finn first became a fave of TV viewers when he played Damon Miller on ABC’s lamented daytime drama All My Children. He has a solid stage resume, having appeared in acclaimed productions of Tennessee Williams’Sweet Bird of Youth opposite Diane Lane and the 2012 Broadway revival of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman opposite Andrew Garfield and Phillip Seymour Hoffman […]

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