Because nothing says “Happy New Year!” like NSFW gay porn GIFs. 1. When another friend throws a competing New Year’s Eve party. Sean Cody / Via 2. When the weather ruins your night. Sean Cody 3. When you waste your money on a shitty party at a club. Sean Cody / Via 4. When random people you’ve never met show up at your party. Sean Cody 5. When someone actually brings extra champagne to the party you’re throwing. Sean Cody 6. When your new outfit rips while you’re busting a move. Sean Cody 7. When this party runs out of food and you’re literally STARVING and it’s not even midnight yet. Sean Cody / Via 8. When that one creepy guy won’t stop hovering near you at 11:30pm. Sean Cody / Via 9. When you zero in on your midnight kiss. Sean Cody / Via 10. How you imagine your midnight kiss will be. Sean Cody 11. How your awkward midnight kiss ACTUALLY turns out. Sean Cody / Via 12. When you’re the only single person at the party. Sean Cody 13. When someone keeps mentioning, “This is the last time we’ll [insert […]

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