In honor of the thrill-seeking American couple that busted for banging on a Las Vegas Ferris Wheel this past week, we’re bringing you these brow-raisers. 1. A Ferris Wheel. Banging on carnival rides is not okay, says the law. A couple reportedly found themselves in jail after they were caught fornicating on Las Vegas’ infamous High Roller Ferris Wheel. According to KSNV News, 27-year-old Philip Frank Panzica III and his lady friend Chloe Scordianos, 21, got intimate on the popular tourist attraction in broad daylight this past Friday. Passers-by apparently tried their hand at low-key amateur porn on their cell phone cameras. 2. At Church, During A Wedding. In some religions sex is considered a form of worship, but that’s probably not the way this Salt Lake City Sacred Heart Catholic Church saw it. A couple was sprung getting it on outside the stone walls while a wedding took place, according to KTLA.  These revelers weren’t the first, however; another couple busted into a New York church a few years back to do the deed for a competition run by a couple of radio jockeys who later had to find new jobs. 3. Atop A Crane. A couple in Charlotte was accused of having sex atop a crane. Like, actual construction […]

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