VDRs have altered the traditional standards of deal-making outstandingly. With the emergence of first VDRs, businessmen all over the planet got an access to the storages that are characterized by almost no restrictions. Starting from this moment, businessmen should not worry if they have enough time to organize the room, if they have enough money, if they have enough room to keep all the files. Also, geographical location is not an obstacle anymore. Virtual rooms have provided businessmen with all the necessary functions that help them to concentrate on their projects and to stop being concerned with the technical moments of the deal execution.

To begin with, virtual platforms are accessible 24/7 all over the Earth. Hence, time-demanding business journeys are not required and all the discussions and meetings can be performed remotely. Due to Q&A section, the participants of the deal may discuss all the information and remain sure that their answers and questions have been delivered to the relevant groups of a VDR users. Also, direct email messages provide the users with the information on new comments and messages that were added in particular virtual talk so that they have an option to start taking part in discussion immediately. That is why, VDRs give deal-makers a chance to establish an uninterrupted communication with stakeholders.

In addition, virtual data rooms are enhanced with multi-sided security system. It helps businessmen to relax and stop being concerned with information security. Data encryption, firewalls, virus scanning, two-step user verification, dynamic watermarks, and some other tools save the confidential corporate data from misuse, leakage, destruction, loss, and unauthorized sharing. Therefore, instead of checking the security system constantly deal-makers have a chance to concentrate on the project itself.

Moreover, virtual platforms give their owners a chance to manage the level of access to the information each deal participant possesses. With the help of this feature, room owners might impose restrictions and hide selected documents and whole folders when they find them as inappropriate for some groups of users.In addition, the possibility to divide visitors into groups allows the room owners to execute numerous deals concurrently and to rise their profitability. The latter is also made possible by activity tracking feature. With the help of this tool, all the actions of all the room users are written down and showed in an audit report that provides the room owners with the relevant information on the most concerned users. Hence, the deal-makers have a chance to focus on interaction with the users that seem to be more engaged in the project. These days it’s clear that using data room services is preferable to virtual data rooms: do not feel anxious about software and focus on your deals.

The additional trait inherent to a virtual data room is its convenience and simplicity. Commonly, virtual repositories are enhanced with the convenient and user-friendly interface that allows the users to adapt to work with a virtual data room within minutes. Moreover, all the data is systematized and assembled into a simple file system so that the VDR visitor is not expected to struggle with cumbersome archives. virtual data rooms are equipped with a wide range of features that are supposed to make the life of participants of the deal even more simple. Thus, bulk and drag-and-drop uploading features allow the room owners to modernize their rooms with almost no efforts and to provide their stakeholders with the most acute news in a few seconds. Simultaneously, filtering capabilities, advanced search options and in-document linking instrument offer users a chance to discover the relevant folder with almost no efforts paid.

Not taking into account the fact that virtual repositories are easy in usage room users could need some assistance and could have some questions about certain features of a virtual repository. That is why, a skilled support team and a competent project manager are always willing to assist the VDR visitors 24/7 365 days per year. They make sure that none of any possible imperfections or complications of the data room causes customer’s inconveniences and influences the accomplishment of the project. Thus, the room visitors are not expected to worry that their work would fail due to misunderstanding or technical reasons.

So, virtual repositories are facilitated with numerous options that make them perfect environments for data discussion, storage, and exchange. As technologies are being modernized day-by-day virtual data rooms are being improved day-by-day and provide their visitors additional advantageous options that help deal-makers to stop worrying and to pay all the attention to the successful implementation of the project.



The role of information technology tools in business cannot be overvalued. Various research works confirm that using digital technologies does not only improve the speed and efficiency of major business processes, but is the required condition of keeping a leading position among competitors. One of the most advantageous technologies for business is the online data room. Let`s check which way it can be useful.

Virtual repository is the novelty that has earned the incredible popularity during the last decade. Having been primarily created for M&A transactions, it soon became actively used in many different industries as well: clinical trials, fundraising, legal practice, real estate, biotech studies, etc. The major advantages of the technology are its convenient operation and confidentiality: users have a chance to work with the data room anytime, from anywhere, and without worrying having no worries about the files being safe.

When it is time to choose the virtual platform for performing deals online, it is much recommended to check on the main characteristics and options it possesses in order to be sure it can truly be beneficial for the certain users – more about virtual data rooms for mergers and acquisitions. The key functions to expect from a trusted service are the following:

Encrypting the data

Different virtual services providers have different security measures for ensuring the data protection, but information encryption is among the most traditional ones. This measure involves encoding the information kept in the data room in order to make it unrecognizable for those users who are not authorized in the VDR. This is the most important anti-hack measure which is a required element for any data room. The variation can only be in the standard of encryption which was used: the latest is 256-bit, but 128-bit is also very secure.

Dynamic watermarking

If encryption is viewed as a protection from illegal viewing, watermarking is a protection from illegal sharing. Electronic bits attached to the files contain the details regarding the document`s ownership thus the copyright can be carefully protected. These watermarks can be dynamic and, in this case, they can collect the information about the previous accesses.

Two-step authorization process

The most trusted way to protect the VDR from hackers` attacks is to restrict their chances of ever viewing the documents. For this purpose, most trustworthy vendors use two-step verification that happens in two components: using a user`s password in a combination with entering the code that was sent directly to the user`s mobile device.

Activity tracking and audit log

This option does not only allow to control what happens in the repository, but also gives a feedback about the parties` interest in the deal. Monitoring instruments which are used in a certain virtual repository mostly let owners to track what happens in the virtual space and build conclusions about the most concerned deal members. The received data is highly valuable for dealmaking when the result of the transaction depends on the properly led final negotiation.

Rights management

With an online repository, there exist no possibility for users to view the wrong documents. The data room itself checks the operations and makes definite documents inaccessible for the chosen system users. The only thing that has to be made in advance is determining the permissions for the data room users, and the instructions will be exactly followed.

Questions & Answers module

This module has been specifically designed for ensuring web-based communication between partners. This way of interaction does not only let to save time, but also improves the safety of the discussed information. To make the section truly convenient, Q&A module can be equipped with the users` notifying system and in-document linking that offers a chance to link the certain files to the Q&A space.

Customized interface

Definite virtual data rooms have standard interface which cannot be changed, the other products give some or other chance of customization. As well as settings variations made by certain users, the company which has an online data room can define its desirable interface. In order to make the data room recognizable for current and potential clients, well-known corporations use their logotypes and company colors.

The listed characteristics are definitely valuable for files safety and successful management. While the first three are used to arrange the documents security, the other ones relate to the means of using the information to make the transaction more controlled and beneficial.

Virtual repository is a solution which can introduce a dramatic change in data storing, managind transactions, and building business relationships. If you have set your sights on improving the quickness and productivity of business processes, start selecting the appropriate virtual solution today and get the profit tomorrow.