Video: Fake Agent Presents - Anette And Adrienne Part 1

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Fake Agent
These two girls are very eager to find work. They contacted me by email saying they were looking for an agent who could get them a job… I decided to do the interview with the both of them because they had quite similar attitude and I wanted to get another threesome on the go. Let’s face it two is always better than one… Things were going great, I picked them up in my car and they were getting along nicely… After I explained to them the situation and the money they could earn if they listened to me they were keen to show off their skills. I took them back to my office and it was game on. They were not shy with kissing each other and pleasuring themselves. I jumped in and joined them on the couch and we had an awesome session. These girls were keen for more so there’s more to come. — Fake Agent

Stars: Adrienne, Anette


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