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Emma Brown is lying on her bed wearing just her sexy black and tantalizingly see through lingerie with red hearts covering her nipple areas. She rolls around a little before pulling the straps of her bra down and exposing her nice small breasts with little nipples. She caresses her body, moving from her breasts to her crotch, before slipping her panties off over her feet. Emma has a clean shaven pussy with nice pussy lips which she immediately starts to touch and rub with her fingers. She doesn’t wait long before picking up the Hitachi Magic Wand, turning it on, and gently stimulating her clit. Up until this point, Emma has been totally quiet … but the wand changes that. She immediately starts “ahh-ing” and “oh-ing” as she gingerly teases her clit with the powerful vibrator. She has the wand on high, and it’s quickly doing it’s magic … Emma starts grinding her hips up against the toy and her moans are getting higher pitched and more rhythmic … her mouth opens into a perfectly formed “O” and she gets a frown on her face … and with a big breathy “aaaahhhhh”, Emma cums. It’s a nice and big contracting orgasm that goes on and on, too! And it’s only when she takes the vibe off her pussy that one realizes just how fleshy her pussy lips are! Emma closes her legs, puts the toy down – she’s done for now.

Emma is back on the bed which is now covered in floral sheets. She is wearing almost virginal white lingerie – a white bra and thin white panties – very sexy! She plays with her panties, pulling them tight and giving herself a pussy wedgie before spreading her legs and her pussy lips to show us what she’s hiding. That starts her gently caressing her pussy lips and clit with her fingers … she takes her panties off and continues playing with herself with her fingers. She reaches up, undoes her bra straps, and uncovers her small breasts. Emma plays with her nipples to get them nice and hard before resuming her pussy play and finger masturbation. After a short while, Emma picks up the Fairy Mini Wand vibrator that’s been laying on the bed next to her this whole time. She turns it on, taking a moment to figure out the best speed, and immediately “aaah-ing” with the sensations. The little toy has some zest to it too, and even on a low to medium speed, Emma is moaning and grinding her hips into the toy. She adjusts the speed a little, cups her breast and plays with her nipple with her other hand, and rocks out a big contracting orgasm! She had loads of pre-orgasm contractions too as she built up to this one! Very nice indeed!

We’re yet to see Emma dressed in anything but her lingerie … which is not a bad thing! She is lying on a gray couch wearing her sexy blue bra and panty set, caressing her body through the lace fabric. She is a very sexy girl indeed! Emma sits up, spreads her legs, and starts rubbing her pussy through the crotch of her panties. These are not see-through sadly … but that’s ok – she takes them off pretty quickly, releasing her ample pussy lips and showing them off and spreading them for us. Emma takes off her bra next – she has somewhat inverted nipples, which she tugs on to make them nice and hard. Her focus then goes down to her pussy again – she puts some saliva on her fingers and starts masturbating. But she has been anticipating using the Hitachi again, so she quickly picks that up, turns it on, and starts stimulating herself with it … inner thighs, labia majora, pubic mound, and eventually her clit. She caresses her body and cups her breast with her other hand as she masturbates with the big vibrator on high power. Emma is already “ahh-ing” and “oh-ing” and grinding against the vibe. She is already having some pre-orgasm contractions as she gets closer and closer to cumming … and moments later, she gets a little louder as her pussy starts to pop and pulsating with her orgasm! Emma quickly turns off the toy, puts one leg down and relaxes to recover.

Again wearing just lingerie, Emma is sitting in an arm chair with the Fairy Mini Wand lying on the table next to her. It’s also blue lingerie, but this time it’s not lace. Emma is sitting up and caressing her entire body, and she quickly makes her down to her panties, inner thighs and crotch. She has a nice little bulge where her pussy lips lie behind the material :-). Emma takes off her bra and caresses her breasts and pinches her nipples. Once they are nice and perky, she slips off her panties, reaches down, and starts playing with her pussy. She applies a little saliva to her clit, which seems a tad sensitive when she does. Emma reaches for the toy on the table next to her, gets comfortable in the chair with one leg over an arm, and begins masturbating. She adjusts the speed a little and teases her pussy with it before finally settling the toy on her clitoral area. After pulling back her hood for a second, she puts the toy directly on her clit … Emma is already moaning and her pussy is already having some pre-orgasm contractions as she keeps adjusting the speed of the buzzer. She is panting and moaning rhythmically again, and all of a sudden, she starts thrusting her hips in earnest against the toy as her moans get loud … Emma cums again, and its yet another nice, pussy pulsing orgasm! Emma puts the toy down and plays with her nipples before relaxing and recovering.

Stars: Emma Brown

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