Video: Spanking Vol. 37

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William Higgins Productions
We brought Robert Gazur in for a well deserved spanking. We find him shackled and gagged and Ondra Radni arrives to start the punishment. Ondra doesn’t hold back, his hands and his plank landing heavily on that body. Ondra then moves Robert, shackling his legs in the air and shoving a vibrator into the available ass hole. We brought Michal Bobanek in for a spanking. We find him shackled by his hands overhead and his tormentor is slapping his chest. The tormentor starts to use a cat of nine tails on him, whipping his legs. Then he starts to attach clothes pins to Michal’s body, beginning with the nipples and working down his body to his cock and balls, after pulling them out of the jockstrap. That ass gets a good spanking and even gets a finger shoved in the hole a bit. Michal is turned again and one hand released so that he can wank his big cock to a big, creamy climax.

Stars: Ondra Radni, Michal Bobanek, Petr Haban, Robert Gazur, Borek Sokol

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