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The action’s been escalating throughout TITAN Media’s ManPlay series, and it explodes with startling, non-stop vigor in Manplay #4, with the largest and finest cast having the most unified free-for-all yet recorded. Cast with men who are new to the cameras, this reality sex series captures their emotionally candid and excitingly spontaneous sexuality in a novel documentary-style format that seizes the unrehearsed and unrestrained action with maximum impact. And though it’s real, it’s not amateur. The ManPlay series has the high quality look and sound that are the TITAN Media standard.

Manplay 4 begins with more than a whiff of the forbidden, as we enter a gritty john where the action’s already in mid-gag. There’s give-and-take cock sucking at the glory hole, and some seriously sloppy sucking and rimming out in the open. It’s an in-your-face cock fest that culminates in a five minute storm of orgasms – it’s effect heightened by the free fall of slow motion – before an impassioned round of fucking begins. Guys spread their legs wide while standing on the rungs of a ladder; their muscles braced against the onslaught as heaving thrusts slam it right up into them.

The second scene returns us to familiar warehouse territory, where two adjoining, leather covered workout tables provide a home base for sweaty grappling. Tops get flip-flipped into bottoms, and multiple orgasms are the rule, as the intertwined guys work each other over ’til the jiz flies, and then regroup ’til it flies in the other direction. The cameras circle the heaving cluster, catching every pulse pounding detail, and the moody, propelling soundtrack stays clear of the moans and sexy sounds of the men at work. But everything’s drowned out when Billy cums ? man, does he scream.

Fifteen incredibly hot and nasty men come together in Manplay #4. Returning from earlier ManPlay appearances, you’ll be glad to once again encounter the tough, ripped muscularity of Tony, and the slyly lascivious and superbly hung Fyerfli. The others are unusually forceful and eagerly versatile newcomers who range in look from clean cut to shady, and in age from Daddy’s Boy to Daddy himself. There are Diego and César, blondes Daniel, Rhett, Luke, and Sean, redhead Luke B, brunets Michael, Billy, and Wyatt, the starkly shaved Nicholas, and husky David.

There’s no doubt that this is what an orgy should look like. It doesn’t get any more real. Fifteen guys means there’s a lot of cock, a torrent of fucking, and lotsa jiz. And since the men are always at their boiling peak, you’ll find fresh heat in Manplay 4 each time you watch.

Stars: Wyatt, Luke Bronson, Daniel, Sean, Diego, Luke Sabre, Nicholas, Cesar, Fyerfli, Tony Scalia, Michael, Rhett, Billy, David Chelsea

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