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Video: Drive

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Bijou Classics
This video sports a cast of fifty and a wild scheme to rid the world of sex. The strong story has Mary Jim Sstunning (cross-dressing as the mad Arachne) plotting to take a scientist (Mark Woodward) who’s developed a pill to eliminate the sex drive, hence the title. But secret agent Clark (Kirk Luna) is on the case. Long-haired Clark and his lover Robbie (Shawn Roberts) engage in foreplay on the floor and take turns sucking one another’s cock. These two muscled men suck 69 style before humping butt.

Stars: Arch Fairbanks, Frank Ventgen, Mark Sayles, Freemann Freeman, Cal Monsour, Denny Mans, Brian Destazio, Joe Quin, Chris Ritter, Kenric Hawley, Arch Hilborn, Richard Abel, Seth Poole, Avery Addison, Joaquin Mineo, Chris Mosley, Jack Brusca, George Culver, Bill Grillers, Richard Morrisey, Shawn Roberts, Al Kelmis, Jaap Penraat, W. Grippo, Steven Sampson, Harold Reardon, Robert Alvarez, Marty Marks, Mark Woodward, Marvin Desimone, Bill Ritter, Kenric Brown, Jack Deveau, Rusty Lewis, Ray Frank, John Willard, Jim Case, Kirk Luna, Tray Christopher, Mary Jim Sstunning, Paul Conaway, Ted Walkus, Peter de Rome, Nick Shulman, Stan Gunter, Frederick C Mongue II, Renfroe Meyer, Peter Fersen, Paul Turley, John Fromke, Curtis Brown, Lorenzo Lasalle, Michael Corrigan, Clif Dover, Harvey Shamber, Carlyle Taylor

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