Video: Down South Country Beefcakes

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Next Door Studios
Go down south and experience firsthand the kind of southern hospitality that only the most hung and hunky red-blooded beefcakes can provide! These rowdy corn-fed country boys know that out in the boonies, you have to play hard and work even harder. All that country living has left these strapping young guys ripped, rugged, and ready for action wherever they can find it – any farmhand with firm hands will do the trick! Connor Maguire, Derrick Dime, Dante Martin, Quentin Gainz, Joey Moriarty, Drake Tyler and more, go down and get down in five sweaty stories about taking your buddy down for a roll in the hay. And once they’ve blown their loads, well, you know the old southern saying… Y’all cum back now, ya hear? A Next Door Buddies Anthology.

Stars: Connor Maguire, Texas Holcum, Dante Martin, Drake Tyler, Joey Moriarty, Derrick Dime, Quentin Gainz, Andy Banks, Bridger Watts, Brendan Phillips

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